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The pertinence of following your objectives and recording your progress.

The pertinence of following your objectives and recording your progress.

Life is all about success and failure, where none of us likes to fail. Each pair of eyes has its own road to glory. Each day, each month, each year, we set different goals for ourselves to achieve. Often, we start well but lose our track somewhere in the middle getting busy in other issues in life and at the end of day wonder, why couldn’t we achieve what we aimed for. Confused and disappointed, we hug the pillow and sleep with fingers crossed for the next morning, and the same story continues every day.

Why do we fail?

Ever wondered what caused us to fail one day after another? Ever dug out the root problem? Had we done it, surely the answer would have pointed to one habit, which might look insignificant but indeed, is the paramount reason for our failure. Tracking goals and recording it is a very influential tool to a successful man. This is where most of us fail. Having diagnosed the problem, we can now look into how it helps us achieve our ambitions.

Benefits of maintaining a record.

Pace and efficiency.

Once we start tracking our progress daily, each event that occurs on our path to glory is present right in front of our eyes. We never lose any single detail to how we succeeded or why we failed to achieve a certain goal. Using this precious information, we can see which sequence of steps is delivering the best results for us, and hence, we can make and follow an optimum path every day, which makes our journey fast and efficient.


Conquer high hills.

Often, we fail to triumph our battles because we see several objectives, which look massive when seen together, but what we do not perceive is that breaking these tasks down into multiple small parts is the key to success. By writing down our goals, we can easily see what we need to do next and how can we break it into several schemes, so that, we do not have to climb a mountain all at once. Hiking gradually with breaks helps; us stay energized and steady, eventually, reaching the top!


Stay focused.

A legitimate concern with the majority of people does not lie in being incapable of working hard; it lies in being committed towards the goal. A famous quote says, “Don’t work hard, and work smart”. All it means is to give all your energy to your job, but in the right direction. Keep checking yourself again and keep asking yourself, am I doing it optimally? Is there any better way out? In addition, if you find any way better, pick it! Sometimes we utilize all our strengths towards our target, but we pick a direction, which does not directly lead to our destination, by noting every effort, we can easily examine if we are on the right track, if our focus is towards the right path.


Stay positive.

Human is an emotional being. Feelings are the most powerful weapon for a human and sometimes the most dangerous too. A small block in the way might cause an emotional breakdown, which might lead to us thinking on giving up; quitting the path, we traveled with determination. At such testing times, all we see is a failure, incompetency to our race. Our checklist acts as a catalyst to our happiness these phases. Your track book will show you flashbacks of places where you thought you would fail, but your pertinence and hard work got you through.


Having read so much about the benefits and significance of tracking and recording your goals, what are you waiting for? Set a goal and start recording your daily milestones!

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